Our mission is to empower and uplift as many artisan families as we can for generations to come just the way our founder and the custodians have done for the generations which have passed by.
Being Hindu by religion, culture & way of living our family makes sure that raw materials procured are ethically sourced. That is why we call them “ahimsa bone & horn”.
We strongly stand against the killing of animals for fashion, all materials are sourced from naturally deceased ones and purchased from Government Depots.
We try to give second life to their remains and add tremendous value to it ethically.
Child Labor – Our organisation has been a frontrunner in raising voice against child labor and taking appropriate actions against the ones who practice it. We have worked with prominent NGO’s and Trusts to fight against this evil of society.
Women Empowerment – Without being gender biased we try to teach the skills of this business & art to maximum number of women so that they become stronger & confident both socially and economically. We believe that no one can take better care of children than their own mother, the children are future of a nation, they are the destiny of humanity.